Importance of the Test

A physical state in which the body feels overall tiredness or a severe lack of energy. The human body doesn’t feel powerful enough to do any daily activity in this state. Often, people get confused between feeling sleepy and feeling fatigued; however, both the conditions are very different. Sometimes feeling sleepy can be a symptom of fatigue, but people usually misunderstand. Fatigue can be connected to various medical conditions and has a range from mild to severe, and it sometimes happens due to an irregular lifestyle, the result of lack of exercise, poor nutritional choices, and many more.

Basic Knowledge

Generally, there can be various reasons for fatigue. Therefore, we recommend you get a Fatigue Test to know what your body is going through, thus clearly diagnosing and determining your condition. Registering for a Fatigue Test at Self-Test Diagnostics is very easy. Get the test done at convincing of your home, and the results will be delivered within 24 hours at your home. A Fatigue Test and a Low Energy Test will help you diagnose caused due to an unattended medical condition, a nutrition deficiency, or the lack of a proper lifestyle, and there can be many reasons. The test results will help you make the necessary steps for a better future, and this will help you live a happier and healthy life.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years