Importance of the Test

Cancer, this term is nothing but an atom bomb as it describes a group of illnesses when the damaged cells multiply fast and start spreading to other organs and tissues. It is very well known that Cancer is one of the main reasons for most deaths worldwide. Have you been to Google to search for your symptoms, and do those symptoms lead to Cancer? Now you suspect that you have Cancer, getting a cancer test done is the most accurate way to determine if you have Cancer or not and how it will affect your condition.

Basic Knowledge

Registering for a Hepatitis Test at Self-Test Diagnostics is very easy. Get the test done at convincing of your home, and the results will be delivered within 24 hours at your home. A Cancer Test is a particular test, and it varies from symptom to symptom. Your symptoms can help you get the proper treatment and fight Cancer before it becomes dangerous. A Cancer Test is a regular blood test that can diagnose what kind of cancer you are fighting and get the best treatment accordingly. The Cancer Test process involves the phlebotomist taking a small amount of your blood from the vein. The sample is now safely transported to our nearest lab, and the tests are performed in a controlled environment maintaining all the safety protocols.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years