Vitamin D Test

Importance of the Test

Vitamin D is crucial for many reasons, and it helps in the strengthening of teeth and bones. It also allows you to fight different types of illnesses and disorders, including type 1 diabetes. Vitamins are essential nutrients that the human body cannot produce and must obtain from food. The exception being Vitamin D, as the body can produce it, but the patient might have a deficiency leading to have muscular weakness and bone pain. Most of the patients have very mild symptoms. Sometimes patients do not have any symptoms but still not getting enough Vitamin D can be very harmful to the body. The best way to keep track of your Vitamin D levels is getting a Vitamin D Total-25 Hydroxy test from Self-Test Diagnostics. According to various studies quantity of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in a patient’s blood is an excellent indicator of your body’s vitamin D levels. Therefore, the test can easily detect whether your Vitamin D levels are very low or very high.

Basic Knowledge

A time to time testing will help you doge illnesses. With regular testing, you can stay healthy and active, with Self-Test Diagnostics helping you lead the way. We have been in the at-home testing business for years now. We have a tie-ups with the best laboratories in India including iGenetic Diagnostics and One Billion Diagnostics. Our Phlebotomist has a minimum experience of 5 years and has taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. With our accuracy rate of 90%, we are certified by IGNOU. Our services are available for 365 days, and you can customize the packages according to your requirement.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years

Frequently Asked Questions


Is fasting required for vitamin D tests?

Does vitamin D make gout worse?

According to a study, vitamin D is not associated with gout. Furthermore, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in people with gout was not different from those without gout.

How often should you check vitamin D levels?