Stool Test

Importance of the Test

The slightest problem in the stomach can turn into an emergency, and you might require a Stool Routine & Microscopic Examination from Self-Test Diagnostic to know what type of disease you might have contracted or condition you are suffering from. Stool Test can have different names around different Fecal Sample Tests, Stool Sample Test, and Stool Culture. The Stool Routine & Microscopic Examination at Self-Test Diagnostic will help you diagnose all your medical problems like stomach or colon cancer, piles, inflammatory bowel disease, and anal fissures. We can also scan the blood in your stool sample. Stool tests determine whether microorganisms or other bacteria corrupt the patients' intestines. But, patients need to know that not all bacteria are toxic. Some of the spices are required for good digestion. If a patient has contradicted, Bloody Diarrhea is very dangerous as parasites or bacteria are infecting your intestines, and our Stool Test will help find the source of the problem.

Basic Knowledge

A time to time testing will help you doge illnesses. With regular testing, you can stay healthy and active, with Selftest helping you lead the way. We have been in the at-home testing business for years now. We have a tie-ups with the best laboratories in India including iGenetic Diagnostics and One Billion Diagnostics. Our Phlebotomist has a minimum experience of 5 years and has taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. With our accuracy rate of 90%, we are certified by IGNOU. Our services are available for 365 days, and you can customize the packages according to your requirement.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years

Frequently Asked Questions


What does a stool test show?

What are the types of stool tests?

Types of Stool Tests:

  • Rotavirus Test
  • Yersinia Test
  • Giardia Antigen Test
  • Calprotectin Test
  • Salmonella Culture Test
  • White Blood Cell Test

When do you need a stool test?