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Importance of the Test

When does prostate cancer develop? As the cells in the prostate gland begin to grow rapidly, it develops cancer. The prostate gland in a male body part. Its primary function is to generate fluids found in sperm. Prostate cancer is a very slow-growing cancer. More than half of the men die due to other conditions before they pose any type of threat. But sometimes, prostate cancer is very aggressive and spreads through the body like a wildfire. Many of them end up spreading outside the prostate gland, resulting in a fatality. The chances of surviving Prostate cancer have increased very much because of early identification and customized therapy. What is PSA? PSA, also known as prostate-specific antigen, is a protein generated by the standard and cancerous cells in the prostate gland. The PSA Test- Total Prostate-Specific Antigen Test defines the amount of PSA present in a man’s blood. Our Phlebotomist collects the blood sample and delivers it to the labs. According to our research, PSA levels in the blood always come high in people with prostate cancer. PSA levels in the blood are not defined between normal and abnormal ranges, and these ranges tend to change with time in a person. PSA is a test only for males, which helps the doctors understand how bad the disease is in humans.

Basic Knowledge

Getting tested on a regular basis will help you detect various illnesses. With regular testing, you can stay healthy and active with Self-Test Diagnostic helping you lead the way. We have been in the at-home testing business for years now. We have a tie-ups with the best laboratories in India including iGenetic Diagnostics and One Billion Diagnostics. Our Phlebotomist has a minimum experience of 5 years and has taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. With our accuracy rate of 90%, we are certified by IGNOU. Our services are available for 365 days, and you can customize the packages according to your requirement.

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24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

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5-99 years

Frequently Asked Questions


What is PSA test normal range?

What does high PSA mean?

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels if elevated can be a sign of prostate cancer. Other than cancer, it can also be prostate enlargement and inflammation.

What is a normal PSA level for a 60 year old?