Ca125 Test

Importance of the Test

What is CA-125? CA-125 or commonly known as antigen 125, it’s a protein found in the ovarian cancer cells. We measure the quantity of cancer antigen 125 in the blood via the CA-125 blood test. The cancerous cells produce the protein, and it is picked up by our test in the blood. We can detect the protein during and after the treatment for ovarian cancer. The CA-125 Serum test is used to monitor the effects of the treatment and track ovarian cancer. These tests are conducted to find the early symptoms of ovarian cancers in women. Sometimes women are at high risk for the illness so they need this test. Doctors demand the CA-125 test on regular basis to keep a track on the progress of the ovarian cancer. Before getting the treatment for ovarian cancer the patient has to get their CA-125 levels tested. The effectiveness of the therapy is symbolized by the decreasing levels of CA-125 during and after the treatment. If the amount of CA-125 rises after the therapy it indicates that the ovarian cancer is back.

Basic Knowledge

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Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years

Frequently Asked Questions


What CA125 level indicates cancer?

Does CA125 detect all cancers?

No! People tend to misunderstand that not consistently a high dose of CA-125 means cancer is present. The normal range for CA-125 is 0-35 units/ml. Anything above 35 units/ml is regarded as a high CA-125 level.

How high is CA125 ovarian cancer?