Amylase Test

Importance of the Test

Why Amylase test? Doctors order you have an amylase test when they suspects that a person has a problem with the pancreas. Pancreas is the organ that helps the stomach in the digestion process. What is Amylase? It is kind of protein that the pancreas produce and all glands situated in and around the mouth and throat too. It helps the body converting all the carbs and starches to sugar. Amylase Enzymatic Serum test is tracks all the issues in the pancreas, one of the most common is pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation). We recommend you to do a urine test for amylase with or after the blood test amylase. If we detect high level of amylase in the victims’ urine it can lead to pancreatic blockage, acute stage pancreatitis, and pancreatic cancer. Lower levels of an amylase levels can lead to the discovery of cystic fibrosis, liver diseases, and chronic stage pancreatitis.

Basic Knowledge

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Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it necessary for me to fast for the amylase blood test?

When should an amylase test be performed?

When should an amylase test be done? A healthcare practitioner may recommend an amylase test to diagnose or monitor: Pancreatitis, gallstones, or pancreatic cancer are all conditions that affect the pancreas. Alcoholism is a mental illness caused by excessive use of (alcoholism).

What should you avoid if your amylase level is high?