Amylase Enzymatic Test

Importance of the Test

Have you been to a doctor, and they have recommended the Amylase test? We are sorry to inform you that there is something wrong with your pancreas. The pancreas is one organ connected to the stomach that helps you digest your food. But what role does it play with Amylase? The pancreas produces the protein called Amylase, which helps break down the carbs and starches to sugar. Interestingly, a gland is located in and around the mouth and throat that produces amylase protein. Amylase Enzymatic test is only recommended when there is an issue with the pancreas tract. For example, Pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation) Amylase Enzymatic test at Self-Test Diagnostics uses the most advanced equipment to tract or detect a pancreas issue, such as Pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation). You can order a urine test for Amylase with or after the blood test for Amylase. If any traces of Amylase are found in the urine, it can help diagnose pancreatic and salivary gland diseases. But if high Amylase levels are diagnosed, it may mean that there is acute stage pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, and pancreatic blockage. On the other hand, if there is a low amylase level, there can be a problem of liver diseases, chronic stage pancreatitis, and cystic fibrosis.

Basic Knowledge

A time to time testing will help you doge illnesses. With regular testing, you can stay healthy and active, with Self-Test Diagnostics helping you lead the way. We have been in the at-home testing business for years now. We have a tie-ups with the best laboratories in India including iGenetic Diagnostics and One Billion Diagnostics. Our Phlebotomist has a minimum experience of 5 years and has taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. With our accuracy rate of 90%, we are certified by IGNOU. Our services are available for 365 days, and you can customize the packages according to your requirement.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years

Frequently Asked Questions


Does amylase blood test require fasting?

How do I prepare for an amylase blood test?

We are against the intake of alcohol before the test. Also inform the doctor about any medicine that you are taking. Some types of drugs will affect the test results.

Why amylase test is done?