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Pregnancy and Lactation Management

Yo-Gut’s Healthy Pregnancy & Lactation Diet Plan

Pregnancy means extra care needs to be taken about everything, from food to your lifestyle. It is a crucial time, and you need to intake the right nutrition from the right foods. Yo-Gut guides you through a healthy pregnancy for a fit you and a fitter baby.

Yo-Gut specializes in keeping in mind all your nutrition needs and curating a diet plan. We consider all your underlying health conditions while crafting a diet plan to not affect your health adversely. Get in touch with us for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy you, and a healthy baby.
  • A full body detox to cleanse your body of toxins.
  • A nutrient-filled customized diet plan.
  • Healthy foods to support your overall health.
  • Weekly consultations with our nutritionist.