Stress Test

Importance of the Test

Stress, the “stress levels” have been increasing at a study pace and becoming very common in recent years. Stress results in various ailments. People consider stressing an awful thing! Let’s clear it up, and it’s not! You might have heard people talk about stress over different social platforms, but people don’t actually know what stress really means most of the time! Let us help you a little with understanding stress; it is a condition in which the human body starts having specific biological reactions to certain situations. The body registers a particular situation as a threat or a significant blockade; this directly triggers a fight or flight response, triggering an abundance or collage of hormones and chemicals.

Basic Knowledge

People aren’t able to understand that stress has been a vital tool for humankind’s survival, and it is still helping us meet our deadlines, sudden emergencies, and obstacles! The stress was the positive effect of stress now; let’s talk about the negative aspects of stress. It happens for prolonged periods of time or chronic stress as it can impact your health.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years