Heartburn Test

Importance of the Test

Indigestion is the primary reason for heartburns, and if not kept in check, it can turn into serious health problems. Various conditions can cause heartburn. These include acid reflux and GERD. Heartburns are common feelings where your chest is burning, mainly in the center of the chest, right behind the breast bone. Heartburn can go as long as a few hours or end within a few minutes. People end up using home remedies and treating themselves at home.

Basic Knowledge

Having heartburn on occasional terms is expected. But suppose you are having heartburns on a regular basis, and they are getting server by the time. In that case, it can actually be an indicator of declining health or a chronic acid reflux condition called GERD. We recommend you get tested by Self-Test Diagnostic. We provide you with a variety of tests, including Iron Studies Test, Complete Blood Test, Thyroid Test, Kidney Function Test, Vitamin D Test, Vitamin B12 Test, Hemoglobin Test, Calcium Test, and many more. The packages can be customized according to user preferences and symptoms. The samples are taken by a Phlebotomist and delivered directly to the lab to perform the tests.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years