Alcoholism Test

Importance of the Test

When a person starts depending too much or is addicted to alcohol, it is a start to Alcoholism. Alcoholism can be defined using different terms such as Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. In the current trend, it is referred to as alcohol use disorder. Victims of alcohol use disorder become very dependent on alcohol and won’t stop consumption even after facing negative consequences, issues such as job loss, or problems with family and friends.

Basic Knowledge

If you think that you know someone with alcohol use disorder, it is recommended to get an Alcoholism Test or Alcohol Use Disorder Test to get a fair idea about how much the user’s body has been damaged. Conducting an Alcohol Use Disorder Test at Self-Test Diagnostics showcases the percentage of damage alcohol is done to the patient’s organs. Self-Test Diagnostics can customize tests like Kidney Function Test, Amylase Test, Liver Function Test, Lipid Test, and the packages are according to user preferences and the symptoms. The samples are taken by a Phlebotomist and delivered directly to the lab to perform the tests.

Report Time

24 Hours

Fasting Time

12 Hours

Test for



5-99 years