Sample collection and Report

How is the sample collected?

When will the phlebotomist come for sample collection?

Is the sample collection process safe?

Is the process painful?

How do you ensure the correct samples reach the lab?

In which lab will my sample be tested?

How will I get my reports?

How do I track the status of my hard copy?

How do you ensure the reports are accurate?

Are there any verification procedures to make sure that reports are correct?

Will the doctors accept my test report from Self-Test Diagnostics?

Test Booking and payment

How to book a test with Self-care Diagnostics?

Can I see the breakup of tests included in the package?

You will receive a list of parameters with every package, and the parameters change according to the specific package selected.

Can you help me with booking a test?

How will I know which test is necessary?

How are you able to provide the test at affordable prices?

Are there any specific requirements for taking the tests?

How can I make the payment for my test booking?

How will I receive the confirmation of my booking?

Can I add additional tests to the package I booked?

How do I pay for the additional test?

What payment methods do you accept?

Is it safe to use my Debit/Credit card?